Xplication SRL Explicitly Sweeps Off All its Counterparts to Serve the Best Services in the Market

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How the idea of two university-level graduates turned into a successful online business, the entire story is here in the words of Alexandru Cristian Băla, the CEO and Founder of Xplication SRL.

Alexandru Bala interview

Xplication SRL is a Romania-based company that designs and develops technology products and platforms to give clients a distinct digital advantage. The company was established in 2017 to help startups and mid-level enterprises reach a new level of prosperity in their business being a fast-moving, reliable, scalable, inventive, and proficient agency. 

Xplication SRL can collaborate with any business worldwide to engage with their audiences and build brand awareness. Conceiving clean and safe UX and UI, visual design, storytelling, technology coordination and many other services across web design, graphic design, marketing, and branding are provided to help the companies reach their full potential by offering safe and easy-to-use services and consultancy. 

In an interview with GoodFirms, Alexandru Cristian Băla, the CEO and Founder of Xplication SRL, shared how the company came into existence and what is his role in taking it to success.

Alexandru Băla shared that he and one of his mates from the university level, led the foundation of Xplication SRL in 2017 to help companies bring their businesses online. The duo created a mobile app for their university to help foreign students get used to their city and their new place easier. Today, the company has significantly completed 5 years in the industry, accomplishing more than 130+ web-based projects on 4 different continents. The motive behind helping those client companies is also to make them stable by making the money flow.

While asking about the company’s business model, Alexandru Băla shared that they perform all the operations within the company only. However, they also collaborate with other vendors to help create the best products for their clients, when they are in need. 

Memorising the earlier days, Alexandru Băla recalls how difficult it was for them to gain momentum when they started the company in a small city of Romania. However, the business ultimately skyrocketed after bringing in a 100% money-back guarantee policy. This enabled the clients to feel safe being associated with the company. 

Xplication SRL tries to make every business available online and known in the market. The company majorly focuses on small businesses with a tight budget looking for expansion. Website Development, Website Designing, and E-commerce Development are the top-selling services of the company that are highly appreciated all across the globe. It is also ranked as the top website development company in Romania in GoodFirms and many other review and rating websites. The review displayed below is the perfect example of how Xplication SRL treats its clients.

xplication review

Alexandru Băla happily informs about the ever-growing customer satisfaction rate of the company that is majorly focused while working on a project. All the company’s clients are tied with a maintenance contract after the project finishes. Simply designed processes attract the clients and engage them for long. Email and Whatsapp support is mainly offered to the clients with a yet-to-start dedicated support system so soon. 

The company has experienced getting all sorts of payments until now, but ended up selecting a Fixed Cost possibly to be paid in two instalments. As Alexandru Băla said earlier, the company is still working on its costing plans and project budgets. According to him, the cheapest standard web packages start at $249 and it goes as high as $1149.

The CEO concludes the interview by saying, “We are embracing the new technological changes that Web 3.0 comes with. Still, we hope that in 10 years, we will be one of the major players in this field and help revolutionise the way people interact with online businesses.”

The detailed interview can be found on the GoodFirms company page.

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